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Capabilities Statement

Carter Health is a turn-key solutions provider of USP 795/797/800 Compliance for health care systems, compounding pharmacies, oncology clinics, research facilities, and medical manufacturers.

Based in Florida with a national presence, Carter Health helps facilities maintain compliance with USP 795/797/800 regulations through consultations, cleanroom design/build, custom designed disposable apparel, affordable activity documentation software, cleanroom supplies, and more.

Your Compliance is Our Business

Our approach combines a decade of experience with a deep understanding of the challenges hospitals and pharmacies face with compliance, budgets and personnel. Our expertise in communication and collaboration results in proven and reliable USP 795/797/800 Compliance solutions. With over 300 SKU’s, our portfolio of products satisfies the needs of multiple departments.
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Core Competencies

Cleanroom Design/Build

Cleanrooms provided by Carter Health are the cost-effective solution to meet ISO-04 to ISO-8 requirements for the medical and manufacturing industries. Designs are customized and specific to each customer’s work-flow requirements and space constraints.

Disposable Apparel

Carter Health offers certified cleanroom Class 1 disposable IV Lab Coats that are lightweight, comfortable and cost effective. IV Lab Coats are also offered in PrePak Kits along with a full line of disposable, medical apparel including high-quality / low-priced isolation gowns and gloves. Non-sterile and sterile versions now available.

Cleanroom Supplies

Carter Health offers pharmacies a one-stop solution for cost savings on high-quality cleanroom supplies. Wipes, cleaners and disinfectants, mopping systems, testing kits, and more.

USP 795/797/800 Documentation Software

A.R.T. (Accurate Recording Technology) USP 795/797/800 Compliance Software by Carter Health is the preferred pharmacy activity documentation software product that allows users to completely manage activities associated with USP 795/797/800 sterile compounding activities. A.R.T. is the easiest software to use and most affordable solution.

USP 795/797/800 Consultation Services

Consultation services include both remote and onsite analysis of your physical plants and current product utilization. Design and product recommendations that we provide come with a guarantee of 797 / 800 compliance.

Over 1,000 healthcare systems and facilities have turned to Carter Health to meet their USP 700 / 800 compliance needs

Product / Services

  • Cleanroom Design
  • Cleanroom Installation
  • Cleanroom Supplies
  • Sterile Disinfectants
  • Gloves
  • Disposable Apparel
  • Isolation Gowns
  • Product Development/Sourcing
  • USP 795/797/800 Consultation Services
  • USP 795/797/800 Software
  • Media Fill Kits & Agar Test Plates


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